I'm Kirsty, chief cake bowl licker in this house, Northampton Saints fan, married to a Tiger (rugby fans will understand the chaos this causes!) and Mummy to our daughter who was born in January 2016. We also have two cats, Florence & Millie, that complete our little family.

About Me:
  • My head is full of 80's song lyrics and glitter
  • Our daughter, Phoebe (the Phoebster), was born after our first IVF attempt...how bloody lucky are we?!
  • Rugby, cake and Disney fill a lot of my life
  • Belly buttons gross me out
  • My husband swears blind I must have been Mrs Claus in a previous life
  • Queen of sarcasm & sexual innuendo

What you're likely to find on this blog:
  • Life with our daughter
  • Cake
  • Adventures and days out

I hope you enjoy reading and if you'd like to, please leave a comment or get in touch via email, I'd love to hear from you.

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