Friday, 21 October 2016

The Twelve Weeks of Christmas - Week Five - The Christmas Eve Box

As I mentioned in my "Christmas Traditions" post, this year our Christmas Eve box will focus around Phoebe's bedtime and Father Christmas & Rudolph coming to visit. One of my friends got me thinking about it and what to put in it back at the beginning of August so I've been having a mooch for a while and made a few purchases already.

It's entirely up to you what goes in to the Christmas Eve box. I purchased our crate from Apple Crates as I love their designs. As well as doing them for individual children they also have designs for family boxes too.

As the focus is going to be around bedtime we've chosen to include a bedtime story. For me, there was no other choice but to have "The Night Before Christmas". I managed to find a gorgeous version on Amazon with papercut pages and a really beautiful pop up scene at the end.

I just love it and it's the perfect book to bring out year after year at bedtime on Christmas Eve.

We've also included a letter from Father Christmas, a "Nice List" certificate, some reindeer food and a decoration to hang on the tree.

These are from The Festive Studio and are perfect. I love the reindeer food (it's just porridge oats and glitter so you could make your own if you wanted to save a bit of money) and I can't wait to sprinkle that across the lawn with Phoebe in her jim jams.

I've included a board for her to leave a drink and a mince pie on for Father Christmas and also a carrot for Rudolph. 

This came from The Pencil Tree on Etsy. They've personalised it especially for Phoebe and you can choose whether you want it for Santa or Father Christmas along with a greeting. Their service was great, really quick and the board is gorgeous!

I've also decided to include some Christmas pyjamas, a plate for Rudolph and a mug for Father Christmas. I'm still waiting on these arriving so will update with pictures and links to buy when they get here. I'm so blinkin' excited!

72 days and counting! K x

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