Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Where it all began...

So, the Phoebster & me. Obviously, the me is me. The Phoebster is our daughter, Phoebe, who arrived in January and completed our small but mostly perfect (everyone has their off days, right?) little family.

We waited a long time for her, four years in total, but even after all that waiting we were not prepared for the craziness of a newborn, haha! I won't lie, no matter how much you want this little person, the first few weeks are TOUGH. But you get through it with whatever works for you and yours. Seven and a bit months in and I think we're doing an ok job of it all, we even have elements of a routine to our days!

Life has changed considerably but we really wouldn't have it any other way.

As I said, we're seven and a bit months into this parenting malarky and Phoebe has her weekly routine where she happily goes off to nursery on a Friday and often spends an afternoon or day with her Grandma & Grandad. I've decided that I need to stop feeling guilty about her being with other people, it doesn't make me a bad Mummy, it makes Phoebe a better little person who loves to socialise and develop her own personality. I need to spend that time on my own finding me again.

I guess that sounds a bit dramatic but it's easy to get bogged down with nappies, washing, cleaning, tidying and making sure that small person has everything and forget about you. I'm ridiculously guilty of this, so it's time I sorted myself out, shifted that bit of baby weight and did a bit for me. Which is where I thought about a blog. I blogged our wedding and a bit about life while going through IVF but nothing regular, I'm hoping this will become my regular outlet for sharing ideas and stories.

Hope you enjoy reading. K x